47th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neonatology and Paediatric Intensive Care (GNPI)

16 – 19 June 2021 • Digital

The digital congress

User manual for the digital conference

Technical prerequisites

To ensure the best possible transmission quality and stability, the use of a direct LAN connection (as opposed to WLAN) is recommended.

Please note that our digital congress platform is not fully supported by Internet Explorer. For an optimal congress experience, we therefore recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Before the congress, make sure that the sound and video quality of your computer/laptop is good.
Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. Also make sure that you do not have too many tabs open in your browser.

Please check that your browser and operating system supports Vimeo playback:


In order to ensure a smooth (technical) process at the GNPI Congress, we ask you - if you are working with a work device (PC, laptop) in the company network (e.g. clinic, company) or a rental device - to clarify the following points with your IT department in advance:

The following ports must be open:

  • Port 443 (https)
  • for security reasons, port 80 (http):

JavaScript must be activated in your browser.

The following domains must not be blocked by your firewall:

  • Domain congress platform: gnpi2021-digital.de
  • Domain programme management: program-management.conventus.de
  • Domain for verification: *.conventus-apps.de
  • Participant chat: chat.gnpi2021-digital.de
  • Support chat support2.conventus.de
  • Live streaming:
    • vimeo.com
    • cdn.livestream.com
    • api.new.livestream.com
    • playback2.akamaized.net/*
    • playback.akamaized.net/*
    • livestream-f.akamaihd.net/*
    • secure-playlist.livestream.com/*


To ensure a stable connection for the chat, we recommend forwarding the following IP to your IT department:

Please make sure that your IT department does not block this IP. As there may be a lot of traffic (depending on the use of the chat tool), your IT system may block this IP for security reasons. If you are offline, the chat will continue to function normally and the branch user can also be found and contacted in the global participant list. You can then set yourself whether you want to receive an automatic e-mail notification/forwarding.

Registration and log-in

Registration for the conference is possible via the menu item Registration & Abstracts.

You can access the digital congress page via www.gnpi-digital.de (activation will take place immediately before the start of the conference).

If you have already registered, you can access the congress log-in portal under "Registration" to enter the world of the digital GNPI 2021.


To participate in the scientific programme:

As regular participants:

Please check whether your browser and operating system supports the use of Vimeo

As active session participants (chairs, speakers, poster authors)

How do the scientific sessions work?
Lecture Sessions

The presentations are recorded and submitted in advance. The speakers are nevertheless connected live to answer questions from the participants in the joint discussion at the end of the session.

  • In the meeting, the presentations are introduced by the chairs and then played.
  • Speakers and chairpersons are connected live via Zoom. If you are unable to use Zoom at your institute, please check whether you can use Zoom on your private computer on a mobile device.
  • Registered participants can ask questions via chat; the questions will be read out by the chairs and then answered live by the speakers.
  • The presentations will also be available after the meeting, subject to the consent of the speakers. A corresponding declaration of consent or request will be made when submitting the presentation in the Upload Center.
  • Registered participants log in directly to the digital conference website. There you will also find a chat function for your questions to the speakers. All chairs and speakers log in to a zoom session managed by technical staff to watch the sessions live.


  • The speakers, course leaders and participants are connected live via Zoom meeting or Zoom webinar.
  • The speakers and course leaders give their workshop/lectures live.
  • The presentation slides are prepared and submitted in advance.
  • Participants can ask questions in the Zoom Meeting directly or via chat and the speakers answer live.
  • The detailed procedures and technical implementation were discussed individually with the course leaders.


Code of conduct

General rules

  • Please use your real name unless your pseudonym is generally known.
  • Please use a profile picture (portrait, face not covered) so that participants can identify you and can get in touch with you more easily.
  • Recording presentations in any form (audio, video, photo) as well as distributing the material is not permitted.

Chat rules

  • Politeness and respect are of highest priority.
  • Please follow the chairs’ instructions.
  • Personal offense, racist and sexist comments are not permitted, and will be deleted accordingly.
  • Spam and ads are not permitted either and will be deleted accordingly.

The organizers retain the right that they will exclude anyone who does not follow the rules listed.

Data privacy

Please note that the On Demand material will be available to all registered participants until 31 August 2021 (subject to the consent of the authors). Presentations will only be stored and made available for as long as the authors have agreed to it. Further details can be found in the imprint of the digital congress at www.gnpi2021.de.


On Demand - Congress material on demand

The congress material will be available on the congress platform after the end of the event. This means that all presentations will be available for you to view individually until 31 August 2021. Please note that the authors are free to decide whether their lectures may be made available online after the congress. Therefore, there may be gaps in the programme. Please also note that attendance at the congress after the congress period is not recognised by the Thuringian Medical Association and is therefore not certified.