47th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neonatology and Paediatric Intensive Care (GNPI)

16 – 19 June 2021 • Digital

The digital congress

Online Programme


You can look forward to first-class speakers from Germany and abroad as well as interesting sessions, discussions and special formats:

- Viennese coffee house sessions
- Pro/contra discussions
- EFCNI Sessions
- Expert discussions (e.g. the new ERC Guidelines)
- Interactive workshops (e.g. Digital Debriefing Challenge, Virtual Sim Championship, LISA - Virtual Reality Experience, Lung ultrasound in neonatology, Manchester triage in paediatric emergency medicine)

You can also look forward to a lecture by Prof. Neena Modi on "Sex in neonatal care - biology, practice and politics".

Session recommendations
- Airway management in the delivery room
- Patient Safety - Teaching and New Media
- Pulmonary ultrasound
- Ethical controversies - organ donation in neonatology
- Palliative care - before, during and after the intensive care unit
- Stem cell therapy
- Microbiom and outcome
- Long-term outcome at the limit of viability
- COVID-19 - Management in newborns and children - lessons learned
- Music therapy in neonatology
- Outcome after extracorporeal methods
- The role of parents in studies
- and many more

Speakers from our international faculty:
Neena Modi, David Edwards, Linda De Vries, Joyce O´Shea, Timothy Antonius, Heike Rabe, Nadya Yousef, Dominik Wilkinson, Johanna Wright, Ulrika Ådén, Ronit Pressler, Arjan te Pas, Tessa Martherus, Anton van Kaam, Paolo Manzoni, Vasilios Fanos, Yogen Singh, Jan Deprest, Jennifer Zeitlin, Walter Eppich, Tim Wolfs, Ulrike Kraemer, Boris Kramer, Irwin Reiss, Charles Christoph Röhr, Dieter Wolke, Georg Schmölzer, Mark Peters